My name is Bob O’Hearn. I am retired from a career as a developer of natural and organic manufacturing, retail, and distribution systems in the United States. Currently, I live with my Beloved, Mazie,  in a lovely little mountain town called Paradise, situated on the ridge of the Little Grand Canyon, in the Northern California Sierra Nevada range. I am not affiliated with any religious system, program, or group, although in the course of my life (and after spending 7 years in a Catholic seminary) I have lived and studied with a number of spiritual teachers in both the Buddhist as well as the Advaitic lineages, including 3 years in a Rinzai Zen Buddhist monastery. I am grateful for the friendship of all who visit this page, and wish you all well in your various endeavors.

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  1. http://rudranandalineage.com/thelineage_teachers.php?teacher=alistairgale Hi Bob! My name is Alistair Gale and I have been a spiritual teacher, both in a monastic as well as lay setting, in Colorado for over 20 years. I am also currently a psychotherapist who integrates contemplative practice with psycho/emotional work with my students. I have students in CO, NY and also the Department of Corrections. I’ve included a link to my teaching profile and spiritual lineage. I would be honored to be included in your Index of Western Mystics.


  2. Please include Hazrat Inayat Khan and Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Sufi Mystics.


    • Bob OHearn says:

      Mariel, I will certainly consider many others should I decide to do an addendum, though this project is now concluded.

      Of course, there are certainly more mystics that have developed in the West than the 125 characters whom I have featured, but these are representative enough to provide a good foundation for anyone to pursue further investigations, should they be so inclined.

      I am most grateful for all who have offered their support and enthusiasm for the project since its inception this past March, and I hope the blog itself will continue to provide useful research materials and inspiration for all who share an interest in this field!


  3. Anne Stallybrass says:

    This is much the best list of “Western mystics” to whom I can well relate, that I’ve come across anywhere. Thanks for such balance, range, openness and perception.

    One area however is missing. Mystics associated with UFO phenomena. I’m thinking in particular of Billy Meier, though there are I think many others. If you’ve heard Meier is a fraud or whatever, just wade past that and find the stuff that goes deeper and answers the accusations.


  4. Kaare Beck says:

    Thank you Bob, for a job very well done indeed and much inspiring too! ;O)
    I lately looked into Deunov and Aivanhov and was very upliftet by your nicely placed quotes – and thanks for that too! As mentioned above also the Kahns deserve a good place on your list, I think.
    I also wonder if the Danish philosopher Martinus Thomsen – at http://www.martinus.dk – might have a place somewhere around here? Check him out – as he is in a class all by himself – and probably the best preserved secret in Denmark these days and years! ;O) (We also needed the French to discover Kierkegaard, so we’re really not so bright, as some of us – and Bernie too – sometimes thinks :O)
    At the homepage of Martinus you’ll probably find some interesting spiritual stuff – and som nice illustrations with the unique symbols too. I might be able to help you to other materials translated into English, though I understand you have concluded the work?!? If you’re interested, send me a mail.
    Thank you very much again, it was truly delightful to find your page with the beautiful work out there, and I’ll be coming back many more times for uplifting readings!
    Love :O)

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    • Bob OHearn says:

      Thanks you so much Kaare, I will investigate your suggestions! Much appreciated! Do you have a link to the Kahns that you would recommend, and yes, I was remiss in not including Kierkegaard, thank you for pointing that out!


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