Kenneth G. Mills

ken mills

Kenneth George Mills (1923–2004) was a Canadian mystic, artist, composer, designer, metaphysical/philosophical speaker and author. An exponent of the oral tradition, he gave spontaneous lectures and poetry for over 37 years. At the same time, he became noted for his accomplishments in music, particularly as the conductor of the choral ensemble The Star-Scape Singers. He excelled at composing, painting and design and has been described by some as a New Age polymath, a man for all seasons, and a Renaissance man.

Mills was born in St. Stephen, New Brunswick in January 1923. He attended Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Trained from the age of 7 in music, he became a concert pianist, with debuts in Toronto in 1952 and New York City in 1961. Though he chose to end his career as a concert pianist in 1963, he concentrated on teaching piano and adjudicating young musicians for another ten years. Living in Toronto, he began teaching spontaneously to those who requested that he do so, ultimately offering many thousands of hours of metaphysical/philosophical lectures and meetings over his lifetime.

Mills extended his musical interests in 1976 when he formed the a cappella vocal ensemble The Star-Scape Singers. He and his singers would eventually give concerts throughout Eastern and Western Europe and the United States. Mills also engaged in musical composition, creating both choral and orchestral works. In addition, he explored various types of designing, and in 1993 created a line of haute couture fashions. His interest in painting yielded more than 200 large canvases. He was recognized for mentoring and sponsorship of artists in all these disciplines, and he continued his mentoring and spontaneous speaking until shortly before his death in October 2004.

The boundless energy, innovation, and love that characterized Kenneth G. Mills’ multifaceted creative expression came forth from his unswerving fidelity to his original vow, a vow that he made within himself that he would speak of his realizations if asked about them directly. These insights became a vocalization dedicated to sharing limitless possibilities with those who questioned the apparent state of affairs in their lives and in the world.

Trained for 25 years as a concert pianist, Kenneth Mills encountered a major turning point in his life in 1967 when he received an identical message from two people within a few weeks: “You must learn to speak the Word again!”

Not entirely understanding the scope of this unusual message, Dr. Mills decided, “Since I of myself can do nothing, I will move with the statement from Psalms ‘May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in the Light of the One Altogether Lovely.’ I will speak if I am asked, and otherwise I will appear to speak like everyone else.” Very soon thereafter, people began seeking him out to ask about their deepest questions and concerns; ultimately, the questioning became so frequent and the numbers so many that he turned to public lecturing to accommodate this. He began speaking publicly in 1968 and gave many thousands of hours of impromptu lectures.

He defined his spontaneous speaking, which he called Unfoldment, as “an impromptu performance under the impelling of divine ideas. It is a projection from another dimension or plane of consciousness, causing those prepared to hear to awaken to the higher or greater possibilities of living beyond the limits of three dimensions and translating what seems to be the ordinary into another level of consideration.”

He also often spoke in poetry, offering some 3,000 extemporaneous poems during his lifetime. Many of Mills’ spontaneous lectures were recorded and transcribed. Ultimately, a number of them were gathered together and published as books or as spoken word recordings, described by one reviewer as offering metaphysical ideas which are “provocative and deeply inspiring.” A reviewer of one of his poetry books observed that Mills’ universal themes “revolve around wonder, light and love,” while an endorsement on another of his books described Mills as having fun with the language and the sounds of words. It has also been pointed out that Mills’ lectures and books “give a universal, metaphysical perspective on some of the most perplexing problems faced by men and women today.”

Mills’ philosophy always possessed for him strong musical implications. “The purpose of Music is to reveal to man his innate at-one-ment with a harmonic state of Being”, he said. When three singers (from the vocal group The Free Design) asked him for help with their voices in 1976, Mills soon found himself re-engaging the world of concertizing. Within a short time, the three singers were joined by seven others, and the a cappella vocal ensemble he called The Star-Scape Singers was formed. These singers were ultimately acclaimed in the United States and abroad as creators of a renaissance in choral art.

Star-Scape made their American debut at Carnegie Hall in 1981, ultimately performing seven different concerts there between 1981 and 1986. New York City critics described them as “an instrument of bright and extraordinary varied capacity” and “a vocal ensemble of rare distinction.” In 1983, the Singers embarked upon their first tour to Europe, performing at several large choral festivals, and on subsequent tours at many of the great halls and cathedrals of both Western and Eastern Europe. One critic in Munich described their work with Mills as “phenomenal, artistic, one-of-a-kind vocal art.” Mills and the ensemble made a total of seven lengthy European and Soviet tours. While on tour in 1984, they were asked to make a recording for broadcast on Radio Vatican, inaugurating the World Year of Music in 1985. One of their performances of The Fire Mass, considered the ensemble’s major work, at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto was broadcast nationwide by the (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in 1988.

In 1989, the Earth-Stage Actors, a New York–based ensemble, began to dramatize excerpts from Mills’ publications. Critics have called these dramatizations “a theatre of philosophy” and “modern-day Shakespeare.”

The special genius of this man found expression in unique and diverse forms. In February 1993, Mills began to draw and paint for the first time. He soon became a prolific painter of large canvasses, creating more than 200 in less than three years. Most of his paintings depict huge flowers or otherworldly landscapes, and they have been recognized for the bold use of color and their energy. The paintings have been exhibited in both Canada and the U.S., and some are found in private collections.

Mills also ventured into the realm of fashion design. Ultimately, he created an elegant line of haute couture fashions, Moulins Originales, many of which were debuted in a fashion show titled The Integrity of Elegance. This showing was captured on a pioneering high-definition television recording at New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theater in February 1993. Another showing of Mills’ designs occurred at the Design Exchange in Toronto during the PRIME Mentors’ 10th Anniversary Celebration, in 1997.

Kenneth Mills’ extensive musical training also found expression in his own keyboard compositions and the release of four CDs. This music reveals the soul of one who defies the limitations of what would seem to be mere electronic keyboards and allows heart-feeling to come forth; this is well described by composer John Lissauer: “His ideas flow uninterrupted from his soul to his fingers to our very fortunate ears.”

Some of these extemporaneous compositions were recorded by members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the conductorship of Mark Skazinetsky. In 1992 he was awarded a MedArt Special Recognition Award “for the outstanding healing power of his art.”

Kenneth Mills’ life unfolded through a deep interest in music, the arts, and education, as well as in health, architecture, fashion, landscaping, and interior design. As he said, “Life is music and music is life.” There are countless expressions of it! Before passing in October 2004 at his home in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Mills produced the memoirs of his rich and enlightened life, The Candy Maker’s Son.


Quotes from Kenneth G. Mills:

“The purpose of this unfolding Path is to reawaken in man the glory of his own essence, thus the Divine Self cognizing its own Allness.”

“The joy of Being is unconfined; the belief of time has you codified. The joy of Being wraps the mind in the cocoon of Light, and there it binds all thoughts to One, and One in Act gives you a day of Light, and that is Fact.

Enjoy the Being, unconfined, and you find the shackles of the mind drop and tinkle, as tears to the ground are traced as a cloud, which yields its unknowing when I is found.

Enjoy the Fact and let fiction fail to seduce you into its earthbound wail. And then you will see, as you escape the course, the unconscious sea, for the whale of sorts gives you now the chance to stand on Holy Ground, and the perennial Facts of Being revealed: I unbound!”

“By exalting one another, we reveal our faults in order to fill them with the Cement of Love and allow a surface once again to be polished for the Dance with God.”

“We don’t think it takes time to think right. It doesn’t; it only takes a willingness to accept without thought. To think that you have to understand is one of the thorns in our educational process. It is one of the great omissions to think that the cane can’t be used, because there is nothing that can, be achieved without discipline and it doesn’t come by talk! Discipline is really, in Essence, the ability to manage the self, or self-management. Discipline is only achieved through blood, sweat, and screams!”

“Art is living stopped for a moment of wonder.”

“An artist is usually the handyman in the service of inspiration.”

“Creativity is the very source and the wonder of your experience.”

“The fire of the diamond of true Identity is always there; it just needs the Master’s crafting to reveal it.”

“It doesn’t take time to think right. It only takes the willingness to do so.”

“What is sound? Sound is what can alter your state, and it can be said, “Your words changed my life.” It was Sound that changed your life; the words held your attention so that your mind didn’t interfere with the ever-presence of That which IS!”

“You see more and more why healing is happening through music. It’s because music causes a reorganization of the tonal structure, and Man is in essence a vibration.”

“The whole force-field of Light rests on unity.”

“Commitment is never an act of moderation!”

“This is an adventure to restore the unlimited possibilities of attainment, so that others may realize that Reality and an Ideal are ever at hand to sustain such an accomplishment in the world.”

“The Education of tomorrow will bring before the public the need to reach a way of alignment to a universal Pitch of all-inclusiveness.”

“When each of us opens the mind to behold a moment of beauty, perhaps in the guise of a cherished object or friend, it is like being graced by the fragrance of a magical presence. A wonder-filled intoxication suddenly causes everything to fade save what we love and worship as beautiful. Thoughts subside and float peacefully in the gentle wake of the attention that is captured and carried like a babe into itself to revel. . .and reveal. We are at peace, at one with ourselves, and the heart sings in recognition.”

“The past is nothing but a dream to the Now, and the value of any dream is in the waking up from it. So, in reviewing your past as it has been brought to your conscious attention, evaluate it in such a way that it blesses you now. In the blessing of the Nowness is the potential of the individual released, and a sense of poise, balance, and stability arises in the experience. In the growing awareness of right identification will be the fulfillment of the present incarnation.

The joy of Being who and what you are far transcends the concern and the challenge of trying to meet, through the personality channel, the commitments of the earth day. The man of God’s creating walks in the Light of Day, which is the radiance of happiness and joy. There is no darkness or night in this concept of the Divine Day, which is where you live and move and have your Being.

Whenever anything contrary to this State of Beingness confronts you, ask for that suggestion’s identification. If the suggestion does not belong to your inherited storehouse of Divine Life, Truth, and Love, and the glory of Being at-One with your Primal Cause, then admit it not, because it will only distress and upset you. The satanic influence that we have to contend with today is not like that of times long ago and far away, when it was supposed to have worn two horns and a pitchfork. The diabolical suggestion of today is very subtle because it appears not external to you but calls itself a condition of you, and when it can relate to you by your conscious acceptance of it, the erroneous suggestion rams and pierces you. Allowing yourself to be swung among the vacillating conditions of mind and ego creates all there is to the life force of this entity called the devil. God is a word meaning “good.”

Therefore, if Good is all there is and none besides, where is evil going to hide? Now, if you live from the standpoint of knowing who you are and what you are, you will transcend the process of leading a double life, and you will find the One Life manifested. Thus, you no longer have life dammed. To live in the bosom of the Father and to acknowledge Him is your freedom from being cast about in the turbulent world picture, where you seem to live and move and have your Being. You are primarily a spiritual-mental Consciousness and are only seemingly walking around with a body. The relationship that seems to exist between the spiritual-mental Consciousness and the body (they are really one) fulfills the need for those who think they need an objective sense or identity to satisfy and sustain their yearnings for the Higher Self. True, we see the body manifested, but it is really supported by the attributes of the God-Child which you really are.

Now the child on the human level is the means of maintaining the race, especially the race of family or the race of lineage. You may “suffer it to be so now,” but the Child of God’s creating is a little bit different. He is not a child of a day or a year; He is of eternity. The Child of God’s creating is the Child of Being. Thus, when you dwell in this state, you are bearing your child in a sense of humility to the feet of the Fatherhood and Motherhood.

The problems that confront people today are of their own making. Most people love to create problems. They apparently cannot stand prosperity, peace, and tranquility. Whenever they have the time for leisure, they don’t seem to know what to do with it! They go on creating and thinking a fictional world and then call it a factual one. For instance, the paper world of commerce and finance can be not only blown away and burned away, but it can also be washed away, and even more simply than that, it can be thought away. So, you arrive at what is left after the dollar sign (false sense of substance) has had its day. And you will find that the peaceful mind can come to grips with its own inherent value or substance, because in the Substance of peace, man has the opportunity of coming to the recognition of his Divinity within. It is stated in one of the great inspirational books, the Bible, “My peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you.”

And the nation that cannot stand the peaceful existence pursues other levels of existence that can satisfy, within its own framework of reference, a logic of good and evil. Individuals who cannot stand a sense of peace or stillness manufacture a sense of busy-ness and consequently never have time to light on the Tree of Life. The sense of turmoil or distress within a person is like a magnet; it draws distressful conditions to him. In the Age in which we seem to live there is a new potential open to people like you, because of the Force that launched the earth into its orbit and said, “Peace, be still. ” Know that I AM; I AM Mind, and as Mind, all that “I” have is thine. Claim your heritage, claim your legacy, and be still. In this stillness may you enjoy the rhythmic harmony of Being at-One with the Music of the Spheres. The Universe of Mind and of God-Man is a harmonious one in which are played, in a harmonically balanced and rhythmic way, the various themes and tunes that are easily identifiable. These “tunes,” or resounding , ageless Truths, will never lose their identity in the creation of man, his church, or the universe. In this understanding of creation as it IS and not as it seems to be lies your freedom, your health, and your wealth. It’s the same old story of Truth in all its glory. You and only you will write the final cadence.”

“What a glorification comes in the form of a personification! The trick is, it’s never in person. It’s only evidenced as person but never found in it. Are you material? “You.” of course! But what I AM is only known when you are not what you think. So simple. Practice! Be obedient to Principle and see the wonder of Unfoldment. As you unfold, you find yourself enfolded.”

“No Strawberry is ever the same, but each one brings a touch of Fire to the vine prepared to receive it. Each Mark of uniqueness brings a Wonder for others to behold upon the Vine of Conscious Awareness. Why do you limit your uniqueness by thinking in the framework of relativity?”

“A talent is never ego-oriented; it appears that the ego allows a talent to transcend its presence and reveal the more genuine condition of Being. Then, all of the circuitry becoming your incredible self- constituted form starts to reverberate with the tonal reference becoming your genius. It is like realizing that there is but One Thought. If there is One, then that is it. One is the Thought, so that’s the One Thought; there’s none other. I AM is not a thought; I AM is an overtone of the Celestial Diapason of Being.”

“It’s the most amazing thing, our freedom is under our nose! It’s the very aspect of awareness, and the people never get that point. They take years to arrive at the point of awareness – – where it can be arrived at by looking at a tulip! If you look inside it, you will see the crown for your rejoicing because you have seen the power that resides as a part of your awareness.”

“When you have a clear intention, the variations that confront you are multitudinous and many, and frequently enigmatic. What are not acceptable are indolence, apathy, or a phlegmatic condition. An apathetic people is a conquered people, for their minds are so sedated that they do not perceive the energy of newness before thought.”

“What is the purpose of being a Song? Claim it, because it will mean that you will get rid of your tin ear! If you are a Song, you cannot help but bear a melody, and it may be without words. If you are a Song, people cannot help but feel your choiceless Presence.”

“Your garment is wrapped and ribboned with Wonder and Love. How do you know when anyone walks with Love? They bestow a Grace just in their passing.”

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