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Joel Saul Goldsmith (March 10, 1892 – June 17, 1964) was an American spiritual author, teacher, spiritual healer, and modern-day mystic. He founded The Infinite Way movement. Many people consider Joel Goldsmith to be one of the most inspired spiritual healers and Christian mystics of the 20th century. For many years, Mr. Goldsmith devoted himself to silently praying with people and writing about the insights he received. By the end of his life, he had prayed with — and assisted in the healing of — thousands of people. Joel Goldsmith taught that God is present within us, and that we need simply open ourselves to that Presence. Nearly all his books focus on themes of healing and prayer.

Goldsmith was born in New York City on March 10, 1892. His parents were non-practicing Jews, who were married in New York City in 1891. Joel was their first child. They had another son two years later, followed by a daughter two years thereafter. In 1915, Joel’s father became critically ill while in England and word was sent to the Goldsmith family to come for the body. However, according to Joel, his father was healed by a Christian Science practitioner in London.

From his early adulthood, Joel Goldsmith had many spiritual experiences. He was a healer. He spent many years in spiritual studies, reading original scriptures of Aramaic, Greek and Sanskrit origins. His first book, “The Infinite Way”, was self-published in 1948. It was based on letters to patients and students, as well as The Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture. After writing the work, Goldsmith expected to retire to a life of contemplation. However, the work prompted people to seek Goldsmith out as a spiritual teacher, leading to the extension of his career, teaching and writing.

Earlier in his life, after serving in the Marines during World War I, Goldsmith had returned to work in the garment district of New York City where he owned his own business. While on a return trip from Europe, he developed pneumonia. As was his father before him, Goldsmith was healed by a Christian Science practitioner who happened to be on board his ship at the time. In 1928, Goldsmith began to have strangers approach him on the street asking for prayer and healing. He had no religious training whatsoever, but these people were healed.

To seek answers about this phenomenon, Goldsmith first entered the Christian Science Church and worked at Rikers Island prison as a First Reader. After 11 years, he left the Christian Science Church and moved to Boston, where he set up his own office. He later moved to California before World War II and maintained a successful healing practice there. In 1948 Goldsmith wrote his book, “The Infinite Way”, which came to the attention of Willing Publishers. The title of this book also became the name associated with the spiritual message and work of Goldsmith, ref. The Taped Lectures of Joel S. Goldsmith 1950-1964.

The writings which followed were transcriptions of his lectures which had been recorded on the first wire recorders in the late 1940s. These were distributed from the Goldsmith Publishing. They were: The Master Speaks, The First, Second, Third San Francisco Lecture Series, Consciousness Unfolding, God the Substance of All Form, and Metaphysical Notes. These original books were later republished during Goldsmith’s lifetime by publishers in various countries, making over fifty books.

Goldsmith’s insistence on “no organization” insured that his message remained a personal journey with leaders naturally evolving from new generations. There is no service, ritual, dogma, ceremony in the practice of the Infinite Way. Goldsmith students can be found in all walks of life, in all religions. Goldsmith’s message is one that can be read and heard for a lifetime, always allowing new understandings to unfold in each individual.

Goldsmith stressed contemplative meditation practice in his teaching. The method he generally taught was short frequent meditation periods throughout the day. Joel told his student of 18 years, Walter Starcke, that the main reason to meditate was that through reaching the inner silence one could hear the still small voice and receive its intuitive guidance. His teaching also stressed spiritual healing through conscious contact with God.

One interesting anecdote I came across in researching Joel Goldsmith was in regard to Robert Adams, the well-respected nondual realizer and teacher. It seems that, at the age of sixteen, Robert Adams’ first spiritual mentor was Joel Goldsmith, who Robert used to visit in Manhattan, in order to listen to his sermons. Joel Goldsmith helped Robert Adams to better understand his enlightenment experience and eventually advised him to go and see Paramahansa Yogananda. Robert did so and visited Yogananda at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, California, where he intended to be initiated as a monk. However, after speaking to Robert, Yogananda felt that Robert had his own path and should go to India. He told him that his satguru was Sri Ramana Maharshi and that he should go to him as soon as possible because his body was old and in ill-health. Sri Ramana Maharshi lived at Sri Ramanasramam in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Joel Saul Goldsmith died on June 17, 1964, at the Piccadilly Hotel, Westminster, London W1, England. His body was cremated in London on June 18, 1964, and his ashes and effects were released to his widow, Emma Goldsmith, who took them back to their home in Hawaii. Both were interred in Sun City, Arizona.


The Infinite Way Website:

Quotes from Joel Goldsmith:

“Spiritual illumination enables us to discern the spiritual reality where the human concept appears to be. Spiritual sense discerns the reality of that which is appearing as concept.”

“The development of spiritual consciousness begins with our first realization that what we are beholding through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell is not the reality of things. Disregarding appearances entirely, the first ray of spiritual illumination brings us hints of the divine, the eternal and immortal. This in turn makes the appearance even less real to us, thereby admitting even greater illumination.”

“Our progress Spiritward is in proportion to the illumination which enables us to behold more and more of Reality. Because the human scene is entirely a misconception through misperception, any thought of helping, healing, correcting or changing the material picture must be relinquished in order that we may see the ever-present Reality.”

“Spiritual illumination comes to us in a measure with our first investigation of truth. We believe that we are seeking good, or truth; whereas the light has begun to shine in our consciousness compelling us to take the steps we have since taken. Every increase of our spiritual understanding means more light appearing and dispelling the darkness of sense. This inflow of illumination will continue until we come to the full realization of our true identity as “the light of the world”.

“Without illumination, we struggle with the forces of the world; we labor for a living; we struggle to maintain our power and position; we compete for riches or honors. Often we war with our own friends and even find ourselves at war with ourselves. There is no security in personal possessions even after the battle to acquire them has been won.”

“Illumination first brings peace, then confidence and assurance; it bring rest from the world’s contests, and then all good flows to us through Grace.’Son, thou art ever with me; all that I have is thine.'”

“The kingdom of God is within us; the whole of the Godhead is to be found within our individual being, not in holy mountains nor yet in the temple at Jerusalem, but within us.”

“This listening is the art of meditation, in the learning of which we come to a place of transition where truth leaves the mind and enters the heart. In other words, there is no longer merely an intellectual knowledge about truth; but truth becomes a living thing within our being.”

“As humans we have become separated with our source. To illustrate: Everybody in the world knows the word “God,” but there are few people in the world who know God. For most of us God has remained a word, a term, a power outside the self; God, Itself, has not become a living reality except to those few people who are known as mystics.”

“Immortality is attained in proportion as personal sense is overcome, whether here or hereafter. As we put off the personal ego and attain the consciousness of our real Self – the Reality of us, divine Consciousness – we attain immortality. And that can be achieved here and now.”

“Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding: it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ: it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal universal Love: no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit. This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. The only restraint is the discipline of Soul: therefore, we know liberty without license: we are a united universe without physical limits, a divine service to God without ceremony or creed. The illumined walk without fear — by Grace.”

“There is no use in asking for forgiveness for our mistakes because there is this spiritual integrity, the integrity of the I which is the All-knowing, and It already knows whether that other “I” has been dissolved. When a cloud obscures the sun, the sun does not reach the earth, but when the cloud is dispersed the sun again shines on earth.

So it is that this I at the center of your being and my being is your individual spiritual integrity and mine, and it is always shining. Then a cloud gets in the way. And what is the nature of that cloud? Personal sense, the human sense of “I.” But this infinite integrity which is mine, which I am, keeps right on shining, and in the course of time, as Scripture says, “Every knee shall bow,” and this means that every cloud must eventually be dispelled.

The light, which I am, dispels all personal sense, and then “the glory which I had with thee before the world was” is in full evidence to the world, and the world says, “This is the glory of the Lord.” But That which we are does not know that It is burning away the dross of the personal sense of you and of me which we entertain. It does not know it. Our spiritual integrity is just shining, and sooner or later that dross will evaporate, and the I which we are will not know that there ever was a personal sense of “I” to be forgiven. There is no use saying, “Please forgive me,” because as long as there is a “me” to ask forgiveness, there is no forgiveness, but when there is a longing heart leaning toward forgiveness, this is that right motive that is the purification process.

We honor God and we honor our spiritual integrity when, instead of asking for forgiveness or favors, we approach God with the finger on the lips and on the mind, going to God without thoughts, without desires, going to this center within ourselves in silence that we may hear the still small voice even when it is at its stillest and smallest.”

“Human consciousness is made up entirely of wants and desires, and this you can sense whenever you come into the presence of one who, in any way, is wanting, desiring, hoping, competing, envying. On the other hand, Christ-consciousness brings with it every type of joy and abundant good, although not always according to the pattern of success or happiness that we, in our humanhood, have drawn. The things that we consider desirable might bring us great unhappiness and be our undoing. Many men have acquired and accomplished all the things their ambitions set out for them, and yet were unhappy and dissatisfied, and often ended in despair and destruction.”

“Ultimately, when you understand the correct concept of prayer, you will understand that prayer is an inner resting in God; an inner conscious communion. And then you will understand why prayer has nothing to do with desire. Prayer has only to do with an awareness, a realization, a feeling of freedom, joy and peace. Each time you resist the temptation to pray for any thing, ask, wish, seek, or long for any thing, you are praying. You are acknowledging that God, the All-knowing Mind, already knows your needs, and you are acknowledging that the Love of God is your sufficiency. In the realization that you live and move and have your being in God, how could you pray for any thing? Even when temptation comes along and says you need this or that, Truth comes along and says, “God is fulfillment. God knoweth my need even before I do.” When you have resisted the temptation to pray for things you have prayed aright, because you have communed with God. You have acknowledged Him in all thy ways. Then He will give thee rest.”

“Unless you have come to a place of being at peace with your brother, and being at peace with your brother means just this: it means recognizing that when Jesus said,“Your Father and my Father,” that he meant God is a universal being, equally the God of saint or sinner, white or black, Jew or Gentile. Might as well make up your mind to that. If you are entertaining color prejudice; if you are entertaining racial or religious or national prejudice, you’re a house divided against yourself and your prayers cannot succeed. They can’t do it. You’ve got to come into peace with both God and man. If you say that you love God, and you hate your fellow man, you are a liar. It didn’t say you prevaricate or you exaggerate. No, no, no. You are a liar, the good book says, becauseyou cannot love God whom you have not seen, and at the same time hate your fellow man whom you have seen. It’s an utter impossibility.”

“Someone told us years ago that we must not even have enough space between God and ourselves to fit a piece of tissue paper into. And that’s true. This must be your idea and mine of oneness. All here, I and the Father in this one, and all that the Father hath contained in this one. Then I can say, here, right here, the place whereon I stand is holy ground.”

“The reason we do not always give outward evidence of this Truth is because we have not seriously accepted the Truth that God is our mind, and so we feel limited in many, many ways. For instance, if your telephone rang several times within an hour, with people asking for help, saying they were very sick, some of them dying, the chances are that about eighty per cent of you would say, “I am not qualified to give such help: you had better call a practitioner.” You have been told that God is your mind, but you have not accepted that Truth as a fact. Therefore, you feel that there is a limitation to your healing power, whereas it is not yourpower at all. It is the Mind of God that heals! It was not Jesus’ personal mind, nor His educated mind—it was the God-mind operating as the individual mind of Christ Jesus that did the healing work. Let that Mind be in you!

How can you let that Mind be in you except by acknowledging that it is in you? It is not a Mind separate and apart from you that you can admitinto your mind. You can only let that Mind be your mind by the acknowledgement, “Thank you, Father, Thy Mind is my mind.” Then when you are called upon for help of any nature you can say, “Certainly, I will help you.” And you will have healings. The Master always said, “I can of mine own self do nothing,” but the Mind that was in Christ Jesus (the Mind of God) fed five thousand, healed the multitudes, and raised the dead.

No demand can be made upon us that we cannot fulfill! Granted, we do not fulfill them all: we fail in some, but the sole reason is that we do not fully acknowledge that God is our mind. We accept it with certain limitations. We cajole ourselves with the thought that another year or two of study may do it for us, but this is not so. Only one thing makes the Law effective unto you and that is the acknowledgment that the Mind of God is your mind, and therefore your mind is fully capable of meeting any need, be it physical, mental, moral, or financial. Every need of human life that directs itself to you can be met through the Mind of Christ Jesus, which is your individual mind. God is not respecter of persons, therefore anything that is true of one is true of all. Jesus said, “…my Father and your Father”—your mind and my mind, and you can accept that literally.

Any healing that Jesus accomplished was through the same Mind which is in you. This is not egotism, nor is it boasting of personal power. This is the deepest humility in the world—humility which has no sanctimoniousness about it. This is the humility that acknowledges, ‘All power is given unto me by virtue of the fact that the Mind of Christ Jesus is my individual mind, and It can do all things.’”

“The great secret of life is this: God is incarnated in man. God is manifest as man. God is in the midst of you—“…the place where thou standest is holy ground.” There is just as much of God in you, right where you are, as there would be if the heavens could open and God Itself come into you. If this were not true Jesus could not have healed, neither could the disciples nor the apostles, nor the metaphysical and spiritual practitioners of this day. You are divine, because the Spirit of God is manifest as your very being. God has embodied Itself as your Soul, Mind and Spirit. God, in Its essence, is invisible, God, in Its expression, is visible as you and as me.”

“We are earthbound and we are landlocked until we break out by going upward. Only as our vision goes upward out of this body, out of this world of force, do we get up into a free strata, a free realm, where we’re no longer body locked, landlocked, earthbound, but where we are free souls. You know that all of this world, except the mystics or those on the mystical path, are locked up in their bodies. Their body is the most real thing to them. They’re fastened into it and can’t escape from it, and that’s where their misery comes—being landlocked inside of the body, being earthbound inside of the body and having no freedom.

The very first freedom that an individual attains is when they can look in the mirror and say that this body is not Me. This body is not Me. I am Me. I, I am Me. I am Joel. Not this body, this body isn’t Joel. I am Joel, and if the doctors searched from head to foot they couldn’t find Joel inside of this body for I am not here.

And that was the great mystical statement: “He is not here. He is risen”. That’s the symbology of the Resurrection. We are not entombed in this body. In our Resurrection we rise out of the tomb of this body and realize I am Joel. I am not body. I am Joel and I am not in a body. They could not search this body from top to bottom and find me for I am not here. I do not live in a body. I live in Consciousness. I live in God. I live and move and have my being in God therefore I fill all space. I am here and I am there and I am everywhere. I am where God is and God is where I am for we are one, and that one is not limited to time or to space or to place. And that’s why the materialist fears death because they think that with the end of the body, there comes an end of me. How foolish! I’m not in the body. I never was in the body. I won’t live in the body and I won’t die out of the body for I will never be in the body. And therefore, there is no need to fear death because death is just checking the body at a weigh station while we keep going on.”

“When a person recognizes God as infinite, omnipresent Life and then realizes that all the evil that comes to his eyes and ears is only the projection of the belief in two powers and is not a person or a condition, his fears drop away. He becomes quiet inside, and in that stillness something takes place which cannot be described. He cannot see what it is, hear, taste, touch, or smell it. He merely knows that he is in a state of calm. That calm is the presence of the transcendental Something that dissolves the erroneous pictures. It does not heal disease: there is none. It does not reform sinners: there are none. It dissolves the belief in good and evil, and when that is dissolved the person is no longer seeing “through a glass darkly.” He is seeing face to face.

God governs, maintains, and sustains Its own creation. God is my life, my mind, my soul, and my being, and the only law operating in, through, and as my consciousness. I need not fear what mortal man or carnal mind can do to me. I need not fear what infection or heredity can do. I need not fear any material or mental powers for the omnipresence of God is my robe. Into this, nothing can enter to destroy or disturb: no universal belief, no activity of the carnal mind, nothing of any nature that the world calls destructive.

The omnipresence of God reveals the nothingness of the carnal mind, of all its activities and whatever its so-called history. The carnal mind does not operate as a person or thing: it operates only as a belief in two powers. I do not accept that belief because I accept God as the one Power. Did God make the carnal mind? No, the carnal mind and all its activities are nothing. They are this universal human mind arising out of the belief of good and evil, a belief which has no real existence.

In reality, there is no mind to be called “carnal.” Did God create any law, any being, any power, or anything anywhere any time that could destroy Its creation? No, the infinity of God eliminates all possibility of God ever having created anything destructive to Itself, and there is no other creator or creative principle.”


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5 Responses to Joel Goldsmith

  1. S. Goodwin says:

    Thank you for sharing some of your insights on Joel ‘s life. I would suggest you read the biography “The Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith,” written by Lorraine Sinkler, his close friend and assistant for most of his life. Lorraine and Joel worked closely compiling the information for this book. Joel’s middle name was Saul, not Solomon. He was also present at his father’s side as Mr. Goldsmith Sr. lay in an iron lung. Joel speaks about his own quiet meditation and how within an hour of that meditation, his father was taken out of the iron lung and healed completely in a matter of hours. In order to present a more correct view of Joel’s life to your readers, there are several other “facts” you have presented that should be corrected. Thank you for reading this and hopefully correcting the errors contained in your article.


    • Bob OHearn says:

      Thanks for your suggestions, I was utilizing the information contained online, which of course is always susceptible to error. If you would care to help by offering a detailed list of the article’s errors, that would be most appreciated!


  2. Bob OHearn says:

    Eckhart Tolle: “A new generation of mature seekers, receptive to spiritual truth, is now discovering Joel Goldsmith’s teachings, which have lost none of their relevance, aliveness and power. I foresee that those teachings will reach and impact even more people in the 21st century than during his lifetime. Joel Goldsmith’s inspired and profoundly inspiring books represent a vital contribution to the spiritual awakening of humanity.”

    Dr. Wayne Dyer: “I have an 8×10 picture of Joel Goldsmith on my writing table. I feel his presence with me every day – I consider Joel to be one of my most important teachers. His wisdom guides me in all of my work.”

    Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D.: “Joel Goldsmith is the ultimate teacher of spiritual wisdom.”

    Marianne Williamson: “Joel Goldsmith has opened a door in my soul. He has helped me immeasurably in my search for peace.”


  3. beverly Carter says:

    I have been close in most my thoughts, and Love Joel, hope I can listen to his wisdom, for as long as I can, my age is 91 yrs old. iam on Facebook, my name is Beverly Carter,


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