Emanuel Swedenborg


Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic. He is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell (1758). Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. In 1741, at age 53, he entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience dreams and visions, beginning on Easter weekend of 6 April 1744. This culminated in a ‘spiritual awakening’, in which he received revelation to write The Heavenly Doctrine to reform Christianity. According to The Heavenly Doctrine the Lord had opened Swedenborg’s spiritual eyes, so that from then on he could freely visit heaven and hell and commune with spiritual beings. For the remaining 28 years of his life, Swedenborg wrote eighteen published theological works, and several more which were unpublished.

From 1716 to 1718, Swedenborg published a scientific periodical entitled Daedalus Hyperboreus (“The Northern Daedalus”), a record of mechanical and mathematical inventions and discoveries. One notable description was that of a flying machine, the same he had been sketching a few years earlier. In 1718 Swedenborg published an article that attempted to explain spiritual and mental events in terms of minute vibrations or “tremulations”.

During the 1730s, Swedenborg undertook many studies of anatomy and physiology. He had the first anticipation, as far as known, of the neuron concept. It was not until a century later that science recognized the full significance of the nerve cell. He also had prescient ideas about the cerebral cortex, the hierarchical organization of the nervous system, the localization of the cerebrospinal fluid, the functions of the pituitary gland, the perivascular spaces, the foramen of Magendie, the idea of somatotopic organization, and the association of frontal brain regions with the intellect. In some cases his conclusions have been experimentally verified in modern times.

In the 1730s Swedenborg became increasingly interested in spiritual matters and was determined to find a theory which would explain how matter relates to spirit. Swedenborg’s desire to understand the order and purpose of creation first led him to investigate the structure of matter and the process of creation itself. In the Principia he outlined his philosophical method, which incorporated experience, geometry (the means whereby the inner order of the world can be known), and the power of reason. He also outlined his cosmology, which included the first presentation of his nebular hypothesis. (There is evidence that Swedenborg may have preceded Kant by as much as 20 years in the development of this hypothesis.)

In 1743, Swedenborg was dining in a private room at a tavern in London. By the end of the meal, a darkness fell upon his eyes, and the room shifted character. Suddenly he saw a person sitting at a corner of the room, telling Swedenborg: “Do not eat too much!”. Swedenborg, scared, hurried home. Later that night, the same man appeared in his dreams. The man told Swedenborg that He was the Lord, that He had appointed Swedenborg to reveal the spiritual meaning of the Bible, and that He would guide Swedenborg in what to write. The same night, the spiritual world was opened to Swedenborg.

n July 1770, at the age of 82, he traveled to Amsterdam to complete the publication of his last work. The book, Vera Christiana Religio (The True Christian Religion), was published in Amsterdam in 1771 and was one of the most appreciated of his works. Designed to explain his teachings to Lutheran Christians, it was the most concrete of his works.

In the summer of 1771, he traveled to London. Shortly before Christmas he suffered a stroke and was partially paralyzed and confined to bed. His health improved somewhat, but he died on March 29, 1772. There are several accounts of his last months, made by those he stayed with, and by Arvid Ferelius, a pastor of the Swedish Church in London, who visited him several times.

There is evidence that Swedenborg wrote a letter to John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, in February, saying he (Swedenborg) had been told in the world of spirits that Wesley wanted to speak with him. Wesley, startled, since he had not told anyone of his interest in Swedenborg, replied that he was going on a journey for six months and would contact Swedenborg on his return. Swedenborg replied that that would be too late since he (Swedenborg) would be going to the spiritual world for the last time on March 29. (Wesley later read and commented extensively on Swedenborg’s work.) Swedenborg’s landlord’s servant girl, Elizabeth Reynolds, also said Swedenborg had predicted this date, and that Swedenborg was as happy about it as if he was “going on holiday or to some merrymaking”.

In Swedenborg’s final hours, his friend, Pastor Ferelius, told him some people thought he had written his theology just to make a name for himself and asked Swedenborg if he would like to recant. Raising himself up on his bed, his hand on his heart, Swedenborg earnestly replied,

“As truly as you see me before your eyes, so true is everything that I have written; and I could have said more had it been permitted. When you enter eternity you will see everything, and then you and I shall have much to talk about”.

He then died, in the afternoon, on the date he had predicted, March 29.

Swedenborg proposed many scientific ideas during his lifetime. In his youth, he wanted to present a new idea every day, as he wrote to his brother-in-law Erik Benzelius in 1718. Around 1730, he had changed his mind, and instead believed that higher knowledge is not something that can be acquired, but that it is based on intuition. After 1745, he instead considered himself receiving scientific knowledge in a spontaneous manner from angels.

From 1745, when he considered himself to have entered a spiritual state, he tended to phrase his “experiences” in empirical terms, claiming to report accurately things he had experienced on his spiritual journeys.

One of his ideas that is considered most crucial for the understanding of his theology is his notion of correspondences. The basis of the correspondence theory is that there is a relationship among the natural (“physical”), the spiritual, and the divine worlds. The foundations of this theory can be traced to Neoplatonism and the philosopher Plotinus in particular. With the aid of this scenario, Swedenborg now interpreted the Bible in a different light, claiming that even the most apparently trivial sentences could hold a profound spiritual meaning. Swedenborg argued that it is the presence of that spiritual sense which makes the Word divine.

Swedenborg considered his theology a revelation of the true Christian religion that had become obfuscated through centuries of theology. However, he did not refer to his writings as theology since he considered it based on actual experiences, unlike theology, except in the title of his last work. Neither did he wish to compare it to philosophy, a discipline he discarded in 1748 because, he claimed, it “darkens the mind, blinds us, and wholly rejects the faith”.

The foundation of Swedenborg’s theology was laid down in Arcana Cœlestia (Heavenly Mysteries), published in eight Latin volumes from 1749 to 1756. In a significant portion of that work, he interprets the Biblical passages of Genesis and Exodus. He reviews what he says is the inner spiritual sense of these two works of the Word of God. (He later made a similar review of the inner sense of the book of Revelation in Apocalypse Revealed.) Most of all, he was convinced that the Bible describes a human’s transformation from a materialistic to a spiritual being, which he calls rebirth or regeneration. He begins this work by outlining how the creation myth was not an account of the creation of Earth, but an account of man’s rebirth or regeneration in six steps represented by the six days of creation. Everything related to mankind in the Bible could also be related to Jesus Christ, and how Christ freed himself from materialistic boundaries through the glorification of his human presence by making it Divine.

The Heavenly Doctrine rejects the concept of salvation through faith alone (sola fide in Latin), since he considered both faith and charity necessary for salvation, not one without the other, whereas the Reformers taught that faith alone procured justification, although it must be a faith which resulted in obedience. The purpose of faith, according to The Heavenly Doctrine, is to lead a person to a life according to the truths of faith, which is charity, as is taught in 1 Corinthians 13:13 and James 2:20.

In other words, Swedenborg spoke sharply against faith alone, or that justification based upon imputed righteousness before God is achievable by a gift of God’s grace (sola gratia), through faith alone, not on the basis of the person’s deeds in life. Sola fide was a doctrine averred by Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli and others during the Protestant Reformation, and was a core belief especially in the theology of the Lutheran reformers Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon. Although the sola fide of the Reformers also emphasized that saving faith was one that effected works (by faith alone, but not by a faith which is alone), Swedenborg protested against faith alone being the instrument of justification, and held that salvation is only possible through the conjunction of faith and charity in a person, and that the purpose of faith is to lead a person to live according to the truths of faith, which is charity. He further states that faith and charity must be exercised by doing good out of willing good whenever possible, which are good works or good uses or the conjunction perishes.

Intriguingly, In Earths in the Universe, it is stated that he conversed with extraterrestrial spirits from Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon, as well as spirits from planets beyond our solar system. From these ‘encounters’ he concluded that the planets of our solar system are inhabited, and that such an enormous undertaking as the universe could not have been created for just one race of people; nor one ‘heaven’ derived from it. He argued: “What would this be to God, Who is infinite, and to whom a thousand or tens of thousands of planets, and all of them full of inhabitants, would be scarcely anything!”

Swedenborg made no attempt to found a church. A few years after his death – 15 by one estimate – for the most part in England, small reading groups formed to study his teachings. As one scholar states, The Heavenly Doctrine particularly appealed to the various dissenting groups that sprang up in the first half of the 18th century who were “surfeited with revivalism and narrow-mindedness” and found his optimism and comprehensive explanations appealing.

A variety of important cultural figures, both writers and artists, were influenced by Swedenborg’s writings, including Johnny Appleseed, William Blake, Jorge Luis Borges, Daniel Burnham, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Flaxman, George Inness, Henry James Sr., Carl Jung, Immanuel Kant, Honoré de Balzac, Helen Keller, Czesław Miłosz, August Strindberg, D. T. Suzuki, and W. B. Yeats. His philosophy had a great impact on the Duke of Södermanland, later King Carl XIII, who as the Grand Master of Swedish Freemasonry (Svenska Frimurare Orden) built its unique system of degrees and wrote its rituals.

In the two and a half centuries since Swedenborg’s death, various interpretations of his theology have been made, and he has also been scrutinized in biographies and psychological studies. Swedenborg, with his claimed new dispensation, has been considered by some to suffer from mental illness. While the insanity explanation was not uncommon during Swedenborg’s own time, it is mitigated by his activity in the Swedish Riddarhuset (The House of the Nobility), the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament), and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Additionally, the system of thought in his theological writings is considered by some to be remarkably coherent. Furthermore, he was characterized by his contemporaries as a “kind and warm-hearted man”, “amiable in his meeting with the public”, speaking “easily and naturally of his spiritual experiences”, with pleasant and interesting conversation… An English friend of Kant’s who visited Swedenborg at Kant’s behest described Swedenborg as a “reasonable, pleasant and candid man and scholar”. Of note here is Swedenborg’s statement that he was commanded by the Lord to publish his writings and “Do not believe that without this express command I would have thought of publishing things which I knew in advance would make me look ridiculous and many people would think lies…”

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emanuel_Swedenborg

On a personal note, as I was researching Swedenborg’s writings, I was quite struck by how closely his discussion of the Spirit World paralleled that of modern NDE accounts, as well as the reports from Afterlife researchers such as Dr. Michael Newton. Moreover, one of the most accurate and detailed descriptions I have ever encountered of the Spirit World has been elaborated in my blog of Spirit Guide Sparrow’s writings (https://spiritguidesparrow.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/the-spirit-world/ ). Again, it was amazing for me to see how much their two descriptions aligned, which additionally grants a stamp of authenticity to both of their reports, as well as to the NDE testimonies and life-between-life researchers too. All in all, I find Emanuel Swedenborg to be a truly remarkable pioneer in consciousness.

Excerpts from his writings:

“Love is the force that holds all things in connection.”

“Death is only a passage.”

“The wisest of angels admit that what they know is as nothing compared to what they do not know.”

“As our eye is illuminated by the light of the physical sun, so our mind is illuminated by the light of the spiritual sun.”

“We are spirits, and the physical body added to us is not the real person but only the tool of the spirit.”

“Since it has pleased God to open the eyes of my spirit I have been allowed to see what is in the spiritual world and to describe what I have seen. I can declare that these are no hallucinations, but things seen while fully awake.

“…the deeper we look, the more wondrous are the things we run into…”

“The words of spiritual language…sound like whirlpools spiraling in and out like endless twisted coils joined together in forms that are wonderfully receptive of life.”

“We were created to be spiritual as well as physical, since we are going to live after death and will then be among spiritual people in their world.”

“Our body does nothing on its own–it acts on behalf of the spirit that is inside it.”

“Angels do give us guidance, but they are mere helpers; the Lord alone govern us, through angels and spirits.”

“The human mind is like soil in which both spiritual and earthly concepts can be planted like seeds and can multiply without end.”

“Even if a person is surrounded by tens of thousands of evil spirits, they can be driven away in an instant, and it takes only one angel to do it.”

“Love and wisdom flow into human minds the way heat and light from the world’s sun flow into bodies.”

“For everyone in heaven it is delightful to share their pleasure and bliss with someone else; and since everyone there is like this, we can see how immense heaven’s pleasure is.”

“Life in time is but a fleeting shadow compared with the never ending enjoyment and bliss of life in eternity.”

“As soon as we die we are in the other life, and live as a spirit among spirits.”

“It is not the body that thinks, because the body is material. Rather, it is the soul, because the soul is spiritual.”

“When our inner self has good intentions and our outer self has good actions, then the two unite.”

“The most important ingredient in wisdom is love.”

“In the spiritual world, garden paradises appear wherever there are angels who have understanding and wisdom.”

“We get to know other people well through paying attention not only to what they do but also to what outcome they want–what they are intending and why. All angels pay attention to these things, as do all wise people in our world.”

“When their inner sight is opened up angels recognize an image of themselves in the things around them.”

“From angels so much love flows forth that you would think they are nothing but love.”

“Divine love constantly aims to forge a partnership with us.”

“When we die, we simply move from one world into another.”

“Life received from God is the life of love towards the entire human race.”

“Every split second of our life carries with it a series of consequences that continues forever. So every single moment is a new beginning.”

“Love and thoughts are not in space and time.”

“The inner self that is spiritual is actually an angel of heaven. Even while it is alive in our body, it is in a community with angels, although it does not realize that.”

“As long as we are alive in the world, we are kept walking midway between heaven and hell in the spiritual equilibrium enabled by our own free choice.”

“Heaven is such that all who have lived well, of whatever religion, have a place there.”

“All who are in the spiritual world have an aura of their particular love emanating around them. This field spreads all around and has an effect on others.”

“Heavenly peace enters in when the desires that spring from self-interest and materialism are removed.”

“Because the Lord is love itself…he wants to give everything that is his to the human race.”

“People in heaven are being continually brought by the Lord into a more perfect life and eventually into the flower of youth, even people who died at a good old age.”

“The human spirit does not know what old age is. As the body or the outer person ages, the inner person makes a passage into a new life.”

“When spirits talk to each other they use not words but thoughts of the kind we have when we are thinking wordlessly. Their speech, then, is common to all languages.”

“Divinity is love itself and wisdom itself.”

“Since the Lord has allowed me to see amazing things in the heaven and below them, I have been commanded and am obligated to pass on what I have seen.”

“We are created for eternal life.”

“God cannot turn away from us or even look at us with a frown. To do any such thing would be against his essence.”

“An angel or spirit can be visibly present with another in a moment, provided she or he comes into the same state of love and thought…”

“Innocence and peace are the two innermost elements of heaven.”

“The angelic heaven is organized into communities [soul groups] centered around their inhabitants’ love for some particular kind of goodness.”

“Our spirit is in our body, in the whole and in every part of it.”

“A person’s life from infancy to old age is nothing else than an advance from the world towards heaven, the last stage of which is death; the actual transition from one life to the next.”

“We all have spirits present with us who are feeling the way we are.”

“God loves every one of us but cannot directly benefit us; he can benefit us only indirectly through each other. For this reason he inspires us with his love…”

“No one’s character is completely like another’s…this infinite variety is like a mirror in which we can see the infinity of God the Creator.”

“The human mind is a vessel for receiving divine inflow. Yet what is divine does not flow beyond our smoothing of the way or our opening of the door.”

“Heavenly peace may be compared to reaching longed for land after storms and dangers at sea.”

“During our spiritual struggles, we are apparently left completely alone, although in fact we are not alone – at those times God is most intimately present at our deepest level giving us support.”

“The same things that exist on earth exist in the spiritual world, except that there they have a spiritual origin.”

“The more we live under divine guidance…the more and more deeply we become an image of God.”

“All of us on earth are associated in spirit with those in the spiritual world who are like ourselves; we are in a sense united to them.”

“Every community in heaven is growing in numbers daily, and the more it grows, the more perfect it becomes.”

“When angels come down from heaven to carry out some task below, they look as if they are covered in little stars, especially around their heads.”

“People who have experienced heaven report that they have seen and heard things that the human eye has never seen nor human ear heard. In short, the spiritual world is simply beyond comparison.”

“Sometimes young children who are in the next life are sent by the Lord to young children on earth . . . with whom they are absolutely delighted.”

“Kindred souls gravitate toward each other spontaneously, for with each other they are with their own family, at home . . .”

“Loving God and other people makes heaven.”

“Spirits talk to each other with such great acumen, subtlety, wisdom, and clarity that if we perceived only a part of what they said we would be astonished.”

“As soon as we arrive in the other life, we are all recognized by our friends and relatives and by people we have known.”

“There is an intimate union within us of the spiritual and physical worlds.”

“Heaven is formed out of everyone who lives a life of faith and kindness, so it is obvious that both Christians and non-Christians are a part of it.”

“There really are paths in the spiritual world…love opens the paths and leads us to our kindred spirits.”

“I can assure you, from all my years of experience in heaven…that no one on earth lives separated from angels and spirits.

“One life carries on into the other, and death is only a passage.”

“I have heard many people who had just arrived in the spiritual world overjoyed to see their friends again, and their friends overjoyed that they had arrived.”

“The angels who were sitting beside my head were silent, simply sharing their thoughts with mine.”

“Heaven is so vast that it can never be filled.”

“The more wisdom angels have, the brighter a light they are in.”

“We all communicate with heaven through the angels present with us.”

“The truth is that we are constantly in the company of spirits.”

“In the spiritual world, the world every person comes into after death, no one asks what your faith was or what your doctrine was, but what your life was like.”

“Our outer self, or body, is made to be helpful in the physical world. We put it aside when we die. Our inner self, or spirit, is made to be helpful in the spiritual world. It does not die.”

“God’s church is everywhere and exists with everyone who acknowledges something divine and lives lovingly.”

“As our body or outer self ages, we pass on to a new stage of life. Our spirit improves with age while our body deteriorates, and it improves even more in the other world.”

“Angels really do love everyone. They want nothing more than to help people, to teach them, to lead them into heaven. This is their highest joy.”

“When our bodies are separated from our spirits, which is called dying, we still continue to live.”

“While we are living in our bodies, each one of us is, with respect to our spirits, in a community with other spirits even though we are unaware of it.”

“There are two doors, so to speak, within each of us, one facing hell and open to evil and false things from there, the other facing heaven and open to good and true things from there.”

“A spiritual aura goes out in waves from everyone, an aura that comes from our feelings of love and surrounds us.”

“When someone’s body can no longer perform its functions in the material world…then we say that the individual has died…but in fact the person has not died at all. He or she is only separated from the physicality that was useful to that individual in the world. The essential person is still alive.”

“God created us to be capable of communicating with spirits and angels, as people actually did in the earliest times. After all, we ourselves are spirits clothed in flesh. As soon as the superficial concerns that absorb us drop away, the path opens and we find ourselves among spirits, living life together with them.”

“When we are in the spiritual world after our body dies…we can see, hear, talk, and touch things just as we did in the world. In short, every bit of us is still a person, except that we are no longer clothed in the crude physical body we had in the world.”

“Our mind or spirit is either a miniature heaven or a miniature hell.”

“The body grows old like a garment; but not the soul…”

“God created us in such a way that our inner self is in the spiritual world and our outer self is in the physical world. This was so that the spiritual part of us, which belongs in heaven, could be planted in the physical part the way a seed is planted in the ground.”

“God shows mercy to everyone, loves everyone, and wants to make everyone happy forever.”

“Angels of heaven are so indescribably beautiful, for each is so to speak an embodiment of love and kindness.”

“I was allowed to hear angels talking to each other–first the sound of it, which was full of heavenly love; then the conversation itself, which was full of the wisdom that goes with that love.”

“When we pass from the physical world into the spiritual world, it is like going from a village into a great city.”

“In heaven, everything good is shared. Everyone’s peace, understanding, wisdom, and happiness is shared with everyone else…”

“Because after death we all live forever, no angel or spirit ever thinks of death; they don’t even know what it is to die.”

“A life of religious devotion without kindness is not a spiritual life.”

“When we are doing good things out of love and kindness, our inner self is in heaven, in a community of angels who do the same kind of good things as we do.”

“The soul flows into the human mind, and through this into the body, always carrying with it life from God.”

“In the spiritual world, love is union. When everyone loves one another, there is harmony among many people…we become like one person, since nothing separates or divides us; everything unites us and helps us to work together.”

“The physical body which the soul wears is like a piece of clothing…the soul also withdraws itself from the body, and takes it off like old clothes, when, at death it leaves the physical world for the spiritual world.”

“I have talked with spirits about the fact that people in the world do not believe that they exist, and that scholars think people who do believe are simpletons. Spirits are heartsick over the fact that this kind of ignorance is still common in the world…”

“People do not believe they are in the company of spirits while living in this world, when in fact, as far as our deeper levels are concerned, we are continually surrounded by spirits and angels.”

“The light of this world is little more than a shadow in comparison with the light of heaven.”

“After death, when we arrive in the world of spirits, we are put in touch with people who love the same things we do.”

“Spirits and angels with me saw their spouses and little children still on earth and wanted me to tell their loved ones that they were present and could see them, and to relay how things were for them in the other world.”

“Many who had just died, on seeing that they were still living people…were touched with a new joy at being alive and admitted that they wouldn’t have believed this was possible.”

“Our soul or spirit is our inner part, and our body is our outer part…when we rise after death, we shed our body, because we then inhabit our inner part…”

“In the other life, colors appear whose glow and brilliance make them far more beautiful than the colors visible to earthly eyes. Each color represents some spiritual quality.”

“Love is our vital core.”

“Believe it or not, we cannot move a step without the power of heaven.”

“When two people love each other…they seem to be deeply joined together, and are separate from one another in body only.”

“Everything in the physical world is caused by something in the spiritual world.”

“Angels constantly defend us and deflect the harm that evil spirits intend against us.”

“Heaven becomes more perfect as more people enter it…because each new addition comes in as the ideal link between those already present. Each new person strengthens the fabric and joins the others more closely.”

“People think that God loves reverence, worship, and praise for his own sake. In fact, he loves them for our sake, because they bring us into a state where something divine can flow in and be felt.”

“All the people in heaven find their own joy in sharing their happiness and bliss with someone else.”

“Angels say that each of us has a central or highest place into which the divine flows directly. They call this place God’s gateway to us and his true home within us.”

“Nobody, not even an angel, can know all the different ways in which people accept the Lord.”

“People are unaware that spirits even exist, let alone that angel are present with them.”

“After death, it often happens that married partners meet and welcome each other joyfully.”

“Our spirit is always in contact with people in the spiritual world who are like us.”

“Angels have so much power that if I were to tell everything I have seen, it would exceed belief.”

“People do not believe that they have a spirit within them that is going to live after their death, when in fact this spirit is much more real than the physical substance of their body.”

“When angels are present, so much love pours out of them that you think they are nothing but love.”

“The death of our bodies is only a laying aside of the things that had allowed us to function in the world. Death itself is a continuation of life…”

“The spiritual world is right where we are, not far from us at all.”

“There is universal communication in the spiritual world that joins kindred spirits together.”

“Because after death everyone lives forever no angel or spirits thinks about death…the angels understand it as…the continuation of life and resurrection.”

“There is no way to describe how beautiful and stunning the spiritual world is.”

“As we arrive in the other life, we are all recognized by our friends, relatives, and people we have known…”

“Heaven is not located on high, but where the good of love is, and this lives within us, wherever we might be.”

“The physical world cannot exist without the spiritual world.”

“We are all spirits inwardly. This is what’s alive in the body, not the body on its own.”
“Angels and spirits are really with us. I have been allowed to see this thousands of times from their presence and dwelling with me. Angels look indescribably beautiful. Love radiates from their faces, from their speech, from every detail of their behavior.”

“Wisdom and love emanate from God and flow into heaven…which is where angels get their love and wisdom.”

“A life of religious devotion without a life of kindness is not a spiritual life…”

“There is an intimate connection between the angelic heaven and the human race. They depend of each other, and heaven without people on earth would be like a house without a foundation.”

“As to our spirits, we are so united with those beyond us that if we were denied this connection, we would not live for an instant.”

“There were some souls just come from the world who were taken into angel homes, where they talked with the angels and saw what was there. When they returned they said that these have to be some of the most amazing things that exist, but no one on earth believes in such things because no one understands them.”

“I now talk, and have talked in the past, with almost all the people I have know in the world who have died, with some just two or three days after their death. Most of them were quite embarrassed that they had not believed that life would continue after death.”

“Without the spiritual power of sight, the physical eye cannot possibly see. The vision of the physical eye arises from spiritual vision, so we can still see just as well after the body’s death as when we were alive in the body, and much better.”

“As soon as we die, we are raised up into the afterlife, and when we observe that we have keener senses, and especially when we begin to speak with other spirits, it dawns upon us that we are in the other life, and that the death of our body has been the continuation of the life of our spirit.”

“The spiritual realm is the gathering place for the souls of all people…A realm of this size of course, contains countless phenomena that people on earth have never even imagined.”

“Seen in its own right, a loving person’s inner spirit is an angel of heaven, and while we are living in the body we are also in the company of angels, even though we are not aware of it; and once we are released from the body we join them.”

“The reason there are two angels with each of us is that they are of two kinds, one acting on our feelings and the other on our thoughts.”

“After death we all begin to find people who love the same things we do…and strange as it may seem, when we meet and see them it is as though we had known them from childhood.”

“Until my eyes were opened, I could hardly help having the same ideas as others about the countless wonders that appear in the afterlife. I thought that anything special was either too vague to be grasped or it didn’t exist…but the reality is completely the opposite. In the other life, the most miraculous things can be seen.”

“Times of happiness, bliss, and sheer delight intensify as the higher levels of our minds are opened within us . . . One our life on earth is over, these levels keep rising forever.”

“As long as our struggles continue, we think God is absent, since evil demons disturb us, sometimes to the point where despair almost prevents us from believing God exists at all. But God is closer than we can possibly believe.”

“Each of us is a spirit. That is the source of our thinking and intending. This means that the spiritual world is right where we are, not distanced from us in the least. In short, as far as the deeper levels of our minds are concerned we are all in that world, surrounded by angels and spirits there.”

“The different ways God is worshiped do not cause harm but bring benefit, because they are a source of heaven’s perfection.”

“Heaven and its joy are never completely and exactly the same for one person as for another.”

“Many experiences have shown me that when we move from the natural world into the spiritual, which happens when we die, we take with us everything that makes us who we are except our earthly body.”

“God is the absolute reality underlying everything.”

“In fact death is a continuation of life, but a continuation in another world. That world is invisible to the eyes of the physical body but can be seen there in light that outshines the noonday light of this world a thousand times.”

“Angels love everyone and want nothing more than to be helpful to us, teach us, and take us up into heaven. This is their highest joy.”

“This I can declare: things that are in heaven are more real than things that are in the world.”

“Worship does not consist in prayers and in external devotion, but in a life of kindness.”

“Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own.”

“Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want, and do.”

“Such as the love is, such is the wisdom, consequently such is the man.”

“Love comes into being through useful service to others.”

“We do need to realize, though, that it is the quality of our love that determines the quality of this life.”

“It is recognized that non-Christians live lives that are just as moral as the lives of Christians—many of them, in fact, live more moral lives. A moral life may be lived either to satisfy the Divine or to satisfy people in this world. A moral life that is lived to satisfy the Divine is a spiritual life. The two look alike in outward form, but inwardly they are totally different. One saves us, the other does not. This is because if we live a moral life to satisfy the Divine we are being led by the Divine; while if we live a moral life to satisfy people in this world, we are being led by ourselves.”

“Man, when he is re-born, passes through the ages as he who is born; and the preceding state is always as an egg in respect to the subsequent one, thus he is continually conceived and born: and this not only when he lives in the world, but also when he comes into another life to eternity: and still when he cannot be further perfected, then to be as an egg to those things which remain to be manifested, which are indefinite.”

“Some people believe it is hard to lead the heaven-bound life that is called “spiritual” because they have heard that we need to renounce the world and give up the desires attributed to the body and the flesh and “live spiritually.” All they understand by this is spurning worldly interests, especially concerns for money and prestige, going around in constant devout meditation about God, salvation, and eternal life, devoting their lives to prayer, and reading the Word and religious literature. They think this is renouncing the world and living for the spirit and not for the flesh.

However, the actual case is quite different, as I have learned from an abundance of experience and conversation with angels. In fact, people who renounce the world and live for the spirit in this fashion take on a mournful life for themselves, a life that is not open to heavenly joy, since our life does remain with us [after death]. No, if we would accept heaven’s life, we need by all means to live in the world and to participate in its duties and affairs. In this way, we accept a spiritual life by means of our moral and civic life; and there is no other way a spiritual life can be formed within us, no other way our spirits can be prepared for heaven. This is because living an inner life and not an outer life at the same time is like living in a house that has no foundation, that gradually either settles or develops gaping cracks or totters until it collapses.”


About Bob OHearn

My name is Bob O'Hearn, and I live with my Beloved Mate, Mazie, in the foothills of the Northern California Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have a number of blog sites you may enjoy: Photo Gallery: http://www.pbase.com/1heart Essays on the Conscious Process: http://theconsciousprocess.wordpress.com/ Compiled Poetry and Prosetry: http://feelingtoinfinity.wordpress.com/ Verses and ramblings on life as it is: https://writingonwater934500566.wordpress.com/ Verses and Variations on the Investigation of Mind Nature: https://themindthatneverwas.wordpress.com/ Verses on the Play of Consciousness: https://onlydreaming187718380.wordpress.com/ Poetic Fiction, Fable, Fantabulation: https://themysteriousexpanse.wordpress.com/ Poems of the Mountain Hermit: https://snowypathtonowhere.wordpress.com/ Love Poems from The Book of Yes: https://lovesight.wordpress.com/ Autobiographical Fragments, Memories, Stories, and Tall Tales: https://travelsindreamland.wordpress.com/ Ancient and modern spiritual texts, creatively refreshed: https://freetransliterations.wordpress.com/ Writings from selected Western Mystics, Classic and Modern: https://westernmystics.wordpress.com/ Wisdom of a Spirit Guide: https://spiritguidesparrow.wordpress.com/ Thank You!
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